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The North Face Hiking Shoes in Kuwait

Hiking is a wonderful activity where you traverse over long stretches for many days, exploring the countryside and villages. Roasting marshmallows and having conversations by the campfire, walking under the shade of tall trees, wandering on grass fields and rocky terrains to reach the top of the mountain for a beautiful view. The North Face hiking shoes are designed to uplift hiking experience to ensure more energy is retained and comfort remains at its optimum. This is achieved by effective designing, development of new technology and real-time testing on the Alps to ensure the shoes help create the best hiking experience. New patented technology in The North Face mens hiking shoe, the VECTIC system, enhances energy retention on any terrain and powers the runner forward reducing body impact thus making up for a more comfortable hiking experience. Another exemplary technology is the FUTURELIGHT membrane that maximises breathability inside the shoe for more airflow and is completely waterproof. The hiking shoes are made tough and prevent injury to the feet from rocks and other obstacles, and the shoes simultaneously are buoyant with lightweight materials allowing hikers to walk and run longer. Keeping performance aside, The North face womens hiking shoes and mens shoes are bear great designs and colour combinations which can help reflect your fashionable identity.

Order The North Face Hiking Shoes collections online from our online store in Kuwait City or any location in Kuwait, and we'll deliver them right to your door.

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