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Step into a world of rugged style and durability with Timberland! Our iconic boots, including the classic yellow boot, redefine urban fashion. Explore a vast collection of Timberland shoes, from work boots to stylish sneakers. Whether you're tackling the great outdoors or the city streets, Timberland clothing has your back. Step into adventure – step into Timberland! Shop Timberland Now.


From hiking boots to outdoor clothing, Timberland combines a unique sense of authenticity into their products that ooze style – one of the reasons why they’re able to dress some of the world’s fashionistas with their yellow boots that were originally intended for a purpose completely devoid of the notion of trend. Browse through a collection of Timberland products with Sun & Sand Sports today.

Timberland’s ascension in the rugged footwear industry was sometimes rocky, but savvy marketing, excellent products, and extraordinary luck eventually turned an obscure bootmaker into a worldwide symbol of rustic chic. The first hint of widespread interest came in the early 1980s, when Italian trendsetters made Timberland hiking boots the ultimate in style and sophistication. The resulting European buying frenzy sent U.S. retailers scrambling for Timberland footwear, sparking the first of many fashion booms.

Although Timberland became a household name through a fluke of fashion, the company’s outdoor footwear and accessories also became synonymous with quality, dependability, and a return to nature. Along the way, the company also became well known for its commitment to community service. Timberland shoes were big in the streets, and the boots were far more popular than many other outdoor brands in the early '90s.

Timberland inspires a unique culture and provides equally unique product designs that are inspired by the rich heritage of their roots from New England. The quality, authenticity and rugged outdoor style continues to inspire new collections today. Check out Timberland online with Sun & Sand Sports and have your shoes delivered to your doorstep in Kuwait City or anywhere else in Kuwait.

Q: What is special about Timberland?
Timberland positions itself as the resilient and trustworthy brand, crafting durable boots with a rugged outdoor charm yet possessing a design versatile enough for urban settings, ensuring they seamlessly fit in even when not on a hiking trail
Q: Who wears Timberland brand?
As Timberland boots surged in popularity during the 1980s and 1990s, they found favor among musicians, hip-hop artists, and cultural icons, earning the moniker "the Air Jordans of boots" and establishing themselves as the essential footwear for the inner-urban community.
Q: Is Timberland still good quality?
Timberland stands as one of the globally acclaimed and esteemed brands in premium footwear. Employing a variety of traditional methods, meticulously chosen leathers, and contemporary materials, we create boots with enduring design and quality craftsmanship.

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