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The sneaker business is a massive industry; one full of enthusiasts, celebrities as well as casual shoppers dropping cash bombs to score a rare and limited edition sneaker. With all the sneakers in the market, none have ever created hype like Jordans did; they remain to be the status quo. Designers, billion dollar enterprises and rappers have all had the honour of collaborating with Jordan shoes. The hype behind sneakers initiated with the drop of the Air Jordan 1’s named after the basketball champion Michael Jordan. It’s common to see a line of buyer’s queing up for hours and hours outside a Jordan shoes store. People either wear them, stack them on the shelf as a prized possession or resell it for thousands of dollars. Rappers like Eminem, Drake and Travis Scott have personalised Jordan mens sneakers, collaborations with Dior, Off-White and Supreme are some of the top rated and hyped collaborations in sneaker history. Jordan womens sneaker collaborations such as Aleali May x Air Jordan 1 and Melody Ehsani reworking the first women’s Air Jordan shoes have all been part of the massive Air Jordan hype train. Although sneaker collaborations did exist before Jordans were even released, they never retained success like Air Jordans sneakers did.

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